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How to Have Healthy Fun at the Water Park

Water parks are a blast, here’s how your family can make sure they’re having the best time.
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July 12, 2019
Dr. Robert Darzynkiewicz
Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Physician
Dr. Rob has over 13 years of ER experience, the last two as the Pediatric Emergency Director. He believes technology can improve healthcare access and quality for students and their families.

Meet Dr. Rob Darzynkiewicz, Chief Medical Officer at Hazel Health.

As the temperatures rise and rise this summer, nothing feels quite as good as going for a swim. Summertime is for lakes, oceans, pools and…water parks. While water parks are a blast, here’s how your family can make sure they’re having the best time.

At Hazel Health, our school nurse partners have seen children with eye irritations, sunburns and rashes from time spent at water parks. It’s so easy to avoid health issues like these and have a great time.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Chlorinated water can still have germs! Some bacteria can still survive in chlorinated water and cause irritations. Signs of irritations can include eye infections (conjunctivitis), skin rashes (dermatitis), deep coughs (bronchitis), or even diarrhea. Watch your children for signs of irritation as they’re in the water.
  2. Practice “healthy swimming.” This means many things. Firstly, if your child isn’t feeling well (for example, sick with diarrhea) wait a few days until they feel better before going back outside and to the water park.
  3. Showering before entering a pool and exiting is important. This helps remove dirt and other particles found in the water. For younger kids, use a waterproof diaper and change it often to ensure kids stay clean. When it’s time for a change, I recommend washing their bottoms with soap and water and doing this in the bathroom away from the pool to avoid particles and contamination.
  4. Water park rides are not all created equal; a crowded wave pool is much different than the three-foot deep lazy river. Although lifeguards are specially trained at water parks, you want to make sure your child is playing in the appropriate part of the park for their size and age. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, children under 48”, non-swimmers or weak swimmers should wear a life vest. Set the rules before leaving the house to avoid issues at the pool. True drowning is often a child silently and desperately trying to keep their head above water. It’s easy to stay safe if you think ahead.
  5. Be mindful of the sun’s rays and take time to rest for 10 minutes every hour. This is a great time for kids to use the restroom, wash their hands, reapply sunscreen, stay hydrated and for you to hear about how much fun they’re having!
  6. Finally, teach your kids on how they can stay safe and healthy this summer. Good advice includes: don’t pee in the pool, don’t swallow water, know what water park rides are safe, and always use the buddy system.

Preventative care is easy; it can protect your children and give them lifelong lessons for healthy swimming.

Now go have fun!

Dr. Rob spoke with Romper about water park safety. See his advice published here:

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A father was concerned when his son was showing COVID-19 symptoms. His school uses Hazel, so he was able to contact a Hazel doctor from home.

The Hazel provider recommended he get a COVID-19 test and shared resources to help find a testing center in their area. The father was eager to help his son feel better and appreciated being able to quickly get answers and advice.
Nurse Story
A student came into the nurse's office with a sprained ankle. After icing her foot, she still was in pain, so the nurse called Hazel. Thankfully, her family had provided consent for over-the-counter pain relief because she was able to take some medicine and return to class feeling better.

After the visit, the Hazel provider reached out to the school nurse to check on the student’s injury. The nurse shared that the student’s ankle was improving, and she appreciated the follow-up.
Parent Story
A mother noticed her son was getting low on his asthma medication. She tried to schedule a visit with his doctor to refill his prescription, but no appointments were available. She didn’t want her son to run out of medicine, so she reached out to Hazel.

The provider was able to send the refill to a local pharmacy within one day. The mother was happy that her son would have the medicine he needed. She was also amazed at how easy and fast the entire process was.
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A student was coughing and sneezing a lot, but her family wasn’t sure if she was sick or had allergies. Thankfully, her school used Hazel, and they could get an answer.

After talking with the school nurse and the Hazel provider about her symptoms and medical history, the student was happy to find out it was likely allergies. She got some medicine and returned to class feeling better.
Student Story
During the pandemic, a high school student was having a hard time coping. She was sad about COVID-19 impacting her senior year, and she was worried about the state of the world. The student was also struggling with some personal conflicts, and she felt she didn't have the right support at home. After discussing her feelings, a Hazel doctor connected her with resources that she described as “life-changing.” She was very grateful and shared that she didn't know where to go for help before Hazel.
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Shortly after COVID-19 began, a student began to develop tics. Her parents took her to a neurologist, but they wanted to get her into counseling as well. The student’s mother was having a hard time finding answers to her questions and didn’t know where to start the process, so she turned to Hazel.

The Hazel doctor listened as the mother shared her concerns and frustrations. Hazel reassured her that they would find the right services for her child. After the initial visit, the Hazel doctor partnered with the school counselor and the student’s mother to identify resources and counseling services that are a good fit.
Student Story
A student came into the nurse’s office because his vision went blurry. The Hazel doctor looked at his eyes, but he did not see any injury. As he asked him questions about his symptoms, he started to sense that he was down about something. After a few minutes, the student shared that he was really sad because his mom was recently diagnosed with cancer. He explained that he feels worried, and it’s hard for him to focus.

Hazel called home, and the student’s mother confirmed her diagnosis. They discussed how to help manage the child’s stress, and Hazel offered to connect the child with counseling resources through the school. The mother was very grateful for the guidance and was eager to get her child help during a stressful time.
Counselor Story
Hazel Health has been integral this year in getting our students the mental health services needed to help them live healthy lives.  The staff has been attentive, prompt, and resourceful. There is an evident sense of caring for the work they do and the students they serve. It has been a pleasure partnering with Hazel Health in providing mental wellness for our Garland ISD families.