We care about helping your child feel better

When your child isn’t feeling well you want them to get support fast. We’re here to help your child get the care they need.

How Hazel helps your child thrive

Connect your child with teletherapy or medical care

With your permission, Hazel’s telehealth platform allows school staff to connect your child with a health care provider within minutes or a therapist for a scheduled appointment.

Help your child feel and learn their best

Our health care providers are trained to consider the “whole child” and know how to get to the root cause of health issues.

Connect your child to timely mental health support

Hazel’s licensed therapists specialize in helping children and teens understand and cope with what they’re feeling.

How Hazel works

Health care for students
in K-12th grade

With your permission and involvement, we help your child get the health care they need, so they can get back to learning.

Same-day pediatric care

Our providers help by giving students the health care they need within minutes. Our providers can help with headaches, abdominal pain, cold symptoms, allergies, menstrual cramps, and everything in between.

Learn more about physical health services

Scheduled therapy visits

We provide timely access to appointments with licensed therapists. Our therapists can help your child with what they’re feeling, including stress, depression, anxiety, bullying, grief, trauma, and more.

Learn more about mental health services

Care coordination

After your child has completed care, our clinical support team can help connect your family with the care or resources you need in your community, such as a local therapist, a primary care provider, or a specialist.

What families are saying

"[My therapist] was sweet and understanding regarding my situation. It was easy to open up to her. I feel like I have improved a lot throughout my sessions. She made me feel important and heard. I feel like she understands everything about me and she's made me feel like I can become a better person and work past my issues from my past. I really hope I can get her again so I can tell her everything I've been able to accomplish and learn from our sessions."

Duval County Public Schools

"[The provider] was very friendly and did a great job explaining what the symptoms were and some things that we could do at home to help alleviate some of my child's uncomfortableness and pain."

Duval County Public Schools

"At first she really, really was reluctant to go. I was allowed to sit in for the first session so that broke the ice and helped us both feel very comfortable. After that, she wasn’t so apprehensive ...and once she finished the second visit, she actually looked forward to going to the remaining ones. I was shocked, so whatever her counselor did, it made her feel really comfortable."

Denair Public Schools

"I was feeling apprehensive. I wasn’t sure if I was making the right decision for my kids. They were not on board at first. [But] it went really well. [The therapist] was wonderful! [She] was so easy to talk to. I was thrilled that she is a black woman. I was hoping for a doctor that my children can relate to. I’m incredibly thankful for her, and this program."

Aurora Public Schools

Meet our care team

Our care team partners with you and school staff to make the best care decisions for your child. From many different backgrounds and cultures, Hazel providers are able to connect with your child in authentic ways.

of Hazel providers identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)
of Hazel providers are bilingual, speaking over 19 languages

Where to access Hazel

At school

When your child is in school and needs health services, school staff use an iPad to help connect your child with a Hazel provider within minutes or join their scheduled therapy appointment.

At home

Hazel is available to your child at home. When your child needs health services, they can connect with a Hazel provider within minutes or join their scheduled therapy appointment.

How we partner with families

Parent permission

With your permission, your child will have access to Hazel’s care team. You only need to complete the consent form one time for each child.

Therapy referral

Referrals can come from you as the parent, or from trusted school staff who know your child.

Care at no cost to families

By partnering with your school, Hazel visits are at no cost to your family.

Visits from home

From home, your child can connect with a Hazel provider or join their scheduled therapy appointment.

Visit involvement

You can participate in your child’s visits virtually, from home or from work.

Continued support

After care, if needed, our clinical support team follows up with you to continue to support your child’s needs.

Help your child get care today

To get started, see what services are available in your district.

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