Mental health services

Our licensed therapists help K-12 students with what they’re feeling through teletherapy appointments

Students need access to mental health support

20%+ of all children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder, but only 1 in 5 who need support receive care from a mental health provider
60% of LGBTQ+ youth report they wanted counseling from a mental health professional but were unable to receive care in the past year
7 months
students are waiting up to 7 months for an appointment with a therapist
44% of teens feel persistently sad or hopeless

We bridge care gaps by putting therapists within reach of every student in our partner districts

Atlanta Public
San Bernardino
Duval County
Denver Public
Colorado Springs
Clark County
Bunker Hill
Aurora Public

What is Hazel's mental health service?

Teletherapy that puts children and teens first

Evidence-based therapy

Our therapists use interactive video and evidence-based strategies to help students explore what they’re feeling.

Fast access to care

We schedule an appointment within days of referral, and connect students with culturally competent therapists skilled at addressing student needs.

Privacy & confidentiality

Hazel therapists follow HIPAA-compliant standards to ensure telehealth services are delivered from a confidential and secure space.

Care coordination

If needed, our clinical support team helps transition students to local long-term mental health support.

Common mental health topics seen in teletherapy

Hazel therapists specialize in helping children and teens understand and cope with what they’re feeling.

Family issues
Self esteem
Sleep problems
Self harm
Anger management
Academic stress

What families and school partners are saying

"Research shows that students receiving mental health services [at] school are successful. It helps to remove the barriers of the parent picking the student up, taking them to their appointment, and the student missing classroom instruction. Hazel is the perfect infrastructure to ensure that we meet the needs of all of our students."

Director Behavioral Health
Duval County Public Schools

"I was very surprised at how nice the therapist was. She is very nice and really easy to talk to. I was happy she is black. I feel like she can understand things that other people can’t."

Aurora Public Schools

"At first she really, really was reluctant to go. I was allowed to sit in for the first session so that broke the ice and helped us both feel very comfortable. After that, she wasn’t so apprehensive...and once she finished the second visit, she actually looked forward to going to the remaining ones. I was shocked, so whatever her counselor did, it made her feel really comfortable."

Denair Public Schools

How to access Hazel

At school

When a student has a therapy appointment, school staff use an iPad to connect the student directly to a Hazel therapist over live video.

At home

When a student has an appointment, they can connect directly with a therapist over live video on any computer or smart device from home.

1. Sign up

Legal guardian gives permission for the child to see a Hazel therapist. If the student is over 18, the student can consent themselves.

2. Student referred to therapy

Legal guardian, school counselor, teacher, or other school staff member refers the student to therapy by contacting Hazel. A Hazel Family Resource Manager contacts the legal guardian to schedule an appointment.

3. First therapy session

We match the student with a licensed therapist that best fits the student’s unique needs, and schedule an appointment.

4. Weekly therapy sessions

The therapist helps the student identify and practice strategies to cope, and supports them in developing a plan to start to feel better.

5. Therapy completion

The student has achieved their therapy goals and is discharged from the therapy program.

6. Care coordination

If needed, Hazel’s clinical support team will help connect the student to long-term mental health services in their community.

Get to know some of our therapists

Our therapists combine deep expertise with a compassionate, child-centered approach.

Locally licensed
Multilingual and diverse

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Johnny Conejo
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Ashley Usita
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Janethia Buckley
Licensed Professional Counselor
Briana Thomas
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Lizbeth Cortez Sosa
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Mae Ann Santa Ana
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Stephanie Gonzalez
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Traci Muramoto
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Olivia Centuori
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Ashley Navarre
Licensed Professional Counselor
Karen Griner
Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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