We’re here to help your child get the care they need

Hazel is available in select school districts across the country. Check out helpful information to help you get started.

Sign up for Hazel

See if Hazel is available in your district. If it is, complete the consent form to give permission for your child to see Hazel’s care team.

‍To complete the form, you’ll need:

  • Your child’s birthdate
  • Basic medical information about your child
  • Your child’s insurance card, if your child is covered
  • Your phone number on file with the school

Creating an account or sign in

After you complete the consent form, you’ll create an account. Through your account you can view visit summaries. send a message to Hazel,  request or start a Hazel at home visit, view upcoming appointments, and join scheduled therapy visits.

Refer your child to therapy

Your child can speak with a licensed Hazel therapist from school or from home.

1 — Determine if your school district offers mental health services.

2 — Sign up for Hazel by completing the consent form.

3 — Create a Hazel account.

4 — Request therapy for your child by calling Hazel Health at 1-800-76-HAZEL or submit a referral through your account by selecting “request teletherapy.”

After you request therapy, we’ll work with you to schedule a therapy appointment for your child.

Request or start a Hazel at home visit

When your child has a medical concern at home, you can request a same-day visit through your account. You can also join a scheduled therapy appointment from home.

Add more children to your account

You can sign up multiple children for Hazel (as long as they’re actively enrolled in a participating school), all at the same time, or at different times by completing the consent form. You only need one Hazel account, regardless of how many children you have signed up for Hazel services.

Hours of operation

Mental health services*

7am-7pm local time
Monday through Friday

*Crisis consultations are only available at school, during school hours.

Holiday hours might vary.

Physical health services

7am-5pm local time
Monday through Friday

‍Holiday hours might vary.

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