Increasing access and improving care for your school-aged members

Hazel Health's telehealth platform supports school-aged member health with evidence-based, culturally humble care.

We introduce schools as a new access point for your members

Our care model delivers tangible benefits to your health plan

Addresses access gaps and decreases wait times

As the national time to care for pediatric mental health services skyrockets—our therapists see students in days, not months.

Reduces and avoids costs

By focusing on early intervention and rising risk populations, we decrease avoidable emergency department and urgent care utilization.

Increases health equity

Our services are available to all students in our partner school districts, and our provider teams reflect the communities of the students we serve.

Improves outcomes by enabling early intervention

Early access to mental health services has been shown to mitigate the future incidence of adult-onset disease. 80%+ of students who undergo mental health services with Hazel see clinically significant improvement.

Boosts member satisfaction by providing member-centric care

We boost member satisfaction by providing access to timely, culturally humble whole child care that meets children where they are–at school and home.

“Hazel is a vital part of our community and our school. Without it, there is no healthcare close. With no vehicle, our only option is to get on a bus for 2 hours for an appointment that took 2 months to get.”

6th grader

Our model delivers results

By harnessing the power of telehealth, we're advancing health equity, eliminating geographical limitations, addressing the youth mental health crisis, and decreasing emergency department utilization.

80%+ of students who undergo mental health services with Hazel see clinically significant improvement.

28% of physical health visits avoid the emergency department, resulting in $33.6k - 56k avoided costs per 100 visits.

86% of Hazel families report that a Hazel visit reduces missed work or childcare time.

Read the white paper: Telehealth in School Settings

How we work with your plan

Hazel partners with:

‍School district or State

Partner pays $ per student/per year

COVERS: technology, training, care for uninsured students, language services, care coordination

Hazel Health delivers

Mental Health, Physical Health, or both

At school and/or home

Health plan reimburses‍

Hazel for member care

Ongoing reporting & data review to substantiate impact

Support with amplifying messaging & communications to your members

Thought leadership and co-branding opportunities

Opportunities for cross-sector collaboration with education leaders

Value-based care payment opportunities

Our school district partners

Today, we partner with over 100 school districts nationwide, with nearly 4 million students eligible for care.

Atlanta Public
San Bernardino
Duval County
Denver Public
Colorado Springs
Clark County
Bunker Hill
Aurora Public

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