Dr. Jennifer Nguyen Chew


Dr. Chew has worked in a variety of settings including urgent care and outpatient pediatric primary care. She is an experienced medical writer.

Dr. Jennifer Nguyen Chew is a Pediatrician located in Texas. After completing her medical training, Dr. Nguyen Chew practiced locally at Parkland in Dallas as an outpatient pediatrician. She later went on to Santa Monica, CA to practice pediatric urgent care, before returning to Texas to practice outpatient pediatrics at Texas Children's. She is also an experienced medical writer, with a passion for making patient educational materials about medical conditions fun and easy to understand. Dr. Nguyen Chew loves the opportunity to treat children while they are in school, so she can see and assess them in the moment of need, and help figure out the best next step. She likes being an extra resource for students and their families. Dr. Nguyen Chew is fluent in Vietnamese and adores cats, dogs, and all things furry.