Dear {name} families,

We are excited to announce a new mental and physical health service available for all {shortName} students! Through our partnership with Hazel Health, students can access virtual physical and mental health care at no cost this school year.

Hazel Health’s licensed providers help students with everything from stomach aches and rashes to anxiety and depression. Hazel services are available at home Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm and at school during school hours.

Watch this 1 minute video to learn more about Hazel Health.

<strong>Learn more and sign up: <a href="{landingPageURL}" data="href" target="_blank">{landingPageURL}</a></strong>

Please note, Hazel Health will not provide care related to sexual or reproductive health. In addition, Hazel cannot complete sports or annual physicals and cannot administer vaccinations. 

Thank you!

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