Dear {name} families,

We are excited to announce a new physical health service available for all {shortName} students. Through our new partner, Hazel Health, students now have access to virtual visits with medical providers at no cost to you. 

With parent permission, all students can access virtual physical health services with Hazel. Sessions take place either at school or at home. 

Hazel Health’s doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician associates, can help your child with  stomach aches, headaches, sprained ankles, asthma concerns, and everything in between within minutes. 

Hazel Health helps your child or teen get the care they need, when they need it, so they can remain in school healthy and ready to learn.  

<strong>Learn more and sign up: <a href="{landingPageURL}" data="href" target="_blank">{landingPageURL}</a></strong>

Thank you!

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