Every child deserves to be seen, heard, and cared for

Hazel partners with schools and families to provide physical and mental health care that helps students feel better and get back to learning.

Support students with access to telehealth care at school

Our telehealth services are easy for students to access from school or home. We partner with schools to make Hazel no cost for every family.

Give students timely access to trusted mental health support

Children and teens need mental health support more than ever before. We put therapists within reach of every student and family.

Reach every student with culturally competent health care

Our medical providers and therapists speak multiple languages, are understanding of cultural differences, and focus deeply on the unique needs of each child.

When students feel better,
they learn better

We are committed to addressing systemic health inequities by working with schools to bring health care services to every child.

Why we care

#1 reason students miss school

Mental health challenges and physical illness are the #1 reason students miss school

7 month wait times

Students are waiting up to 7 months to see a licensed mental health professional

20 million without access

More than 20 million children in the US lack sufficient access to essential health care

Our impact

90% return to class

90% of students who receive care from a Hazel doctor return back to class, regaining an average of 3 hours instructional time

Care within days

We connect K-12 students with compassionate, licensed therapists to help them with what they’re feeling

Care at no cost to families

When a student needs support, Hazel connects them to a provider, regardless of insurance status, and at no cost

Providing equitable access to 3 million students and counting

We partner with school districts to reduce absenteeism and support student success.
‍With Hazel, students have regained over 70,000 hours of instructional time.

Hazel is for all students in all K-12 schools and is available regardless of family income, geography, race, ethnicity, insurance status, or ability to pay.

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Our whole child services

We take a holistic approach to pediatric care, ensuring every student receives the care they need, when they need it—at school and at home.

Mental Health Services

We connect students with a licensed therapist for a scheduled appointment.

Physical Health Services

Our doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician associates provide students with the health care they need within minutes.

Comprehensive Care Coordination

As needed, our clinical support team helps families navigate their child’s treatment plan including referrals, prescriptions, and more.

What is Hazel?

Helping children feel better takes a team

We build a circle of support to help children feel better so they can get back to learning.

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Share with the doctor or therapist what they’re feeling so they can start to feel better and return to learning

Hazel providers and case managers

Provide student with mental or physical health care, facilitate the student’s treatment plan, and help families access the care and services they need in their community

School nurse, counselor, or other staff

Identify children who need care, help the student start a Hazel visit, and work with Hazel provider to deliver care

Parent or guardian

Give permission for Hazel services and communicate with school staff and the Hazel provider about a care plan for their child

School district administration

Partner with Hazel to bring telehealth services to their district’s schools

What students, parents, and school leaders are saying

"As a rural, agricultural California district, Denair Unified faces challenges in terms of access to care, especially pediatric mental health care. Student safety, mental health support, especially in these very trying times for both staff and students, is key. Our kids are not going to learn until they're feeling good. Partners like Hazel Health who are helping give our students access to medical care and behavioral support, whether they're at home or at school, it's just one more thing that we can do for our families."

Terry Metzger, Superintendent
Denair Unified School District

"We've seen a dramatic increase, especially, with the need for coping skills, for things like anxiety, anger, sadness, and also just those basic social, emotional skills we're seeing a need for. And that's really where Hazel Health has come in to help support us to meet that need."

Alexandra Richardson, School Counselor
Aurora Public Schools

"We partner with Hazel Health to support the work of our school nurses, and provide in-school and in-home telehealth appointments to students. Providing this extra layer of medical support means that our underserved students — those who experience difficulty seeking care, like our homeless, foster care and chronically ill students — are able to receive quality care at no extra cost."

Colleen Williams, Director of Student Wellness and Support Services
San Bernardino Unified School District

"I had a student come in with a low-grade temperature. I asked if anything hurt and she said her leg hurt. She had a spot on her leg and kept trying to fix the problem by putting a band-aid on it. I set up a Hazel call and it turned out it was a spider bite that needed antibiotics. You would have thought I gave her a million dollars. She was so happy and thankful someone had listened to her."

Kadie Stormer, School Nurse
Grandview R-2 School District

"I’ve spent my professional career advocating for quality education for students, as well as living healthier lives. I cannot think of a better partner than Hazel Health. They are aligned with my core belief that all students should have access to care, no matter who you are. I encourage all educators to discover what Hazel is offering to students in Texas, as well as across the country."

Statia Paschel, Assistant Principal
Garland Independent School District

"Hazel ensures that our students remain in school. If it's not an issue that needs to go directly to a doctor, we can handle it right here, which avoids them having to leave and lose instructional time. That's the most important thing…we get to keep the kids at school, find out what's wrong, what we can do about it, and then they get to continue with their education."

Tammy Haberman, Principal
Duval County Public Schools

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